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Welcome to Algood Drugs, where you’ll find affordable quality solutions for all of your home healthcare needs. With a full range of medical equipment and supplies, Algood Drugs will provide you with both superior products and a knowledgeable staff. Rediscover the confidence that comes with independence and venture to work, play, school, or wherever your imagination takes you. With the right products, nothing will slow you down!

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How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Rippled Across America

  • Drug Overdose Epidemic

The opioid crisis isn’t just in big cities - it’s in our own backyard. And it’s not just about heroin. Over 40% of all U.S. opioid overdose deaths in 2016 involved a prescription.

We have an over-the-counter product that many chronic pain and opioid users have used to improve their pain and life and a many have been able to reduce their opioids while not increasing their pain.

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