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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"It is so rare to find a privately owned pharmacy any more and I don't know why. One visit with Algood Drugs and you will burn your Walgreen's card. Genuinely nice and knowledgeable people own and work here. I'll never go anywhere else for my pharmacy needs!"

"Love this drug store the workers are pleasant. And they have things to buy other than drugs!"

"Fast friendly. Great service."

"Algood Drugs is, by far, the best pharmacy I have ever used. They are efficient, fast, and they go way beyond what they have to to help their customers. They are always courteous and friendly, too!"

"This place is awesome!!! I called and said I was gonna be 5 or 10 minutes late and they said not to worry, that for me to just pull around to the window and I would get everything I need. This is the place that will work with you the best they can. Thank you ALGOOD DRUGS!!! YOU'RE AWESOME AND I REALLY APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE!!!!!! 🤗 I'm a very happy customer. And will keep coming."

"I think that Algood Drugs is by far the best pharmacy ever; They rock!! Literally when they receive a prescription - they waste no time preparing same with accuracy and smiles on their faces."

"Always amazing customer service! I've been to several pharmacies in the area but the people here completely out-perform their competition. AND they will deliver to local homes for certain prescriptions!"

"I have used Algood Drugs as my pharmacy for a year now, and I have to say that they reaffirm why I choose a small pharmacy over one of the chains every day. I am a cash customer, and their formulary generic drugs are the same $4 I've paid elsewhere, but they will fill your prescription while you wait if you are in a rush or have it ready for you whenever you'd like to come get it. You're dealing with real people, with a stake in what they're doing, and so they actually care that your experience is a good one."

"Brad is a great person and pharmacist."

"I stopped in to look at the jewelry and also some clothing items that had been posted on FB. Super cute items and Angie was very helpful. I also want to say that if I have a question and I message them they are very prompt at replying back!"

"Excellent service and quick prescription fill time! Highly recommend!"

"Top notch service every time I've been!! Even when the IT system at another pharmacy is causing a delay in something insurance related, the team at Algood Drugs went out of their way to make sure that I had the prescription filled for the day that I needed, and they patiently handled talking to the other pharmacy for me to clarify what was wrong. They already had my appreciation for how friendly the staff members are every time I visit, but they definitely earned my dedication today as a top performing, customer based, local business. Would 10/10 recommend."

"Any time that I stop in to buy someone a gift everyone is always so nice. I never feel out of place. They honestly have some of the best prices as well!"

"Love this place. The shirts you have are just so awesome."

"I was with one of the large chains before. They were uncaring and took forever! Every single person that works at Algood drugs is kind and helpful. I don't think I've ever waited more than 30 minutes. Wish they were open a little later but it's worth it for the service!"

"Great people! Wouldn't be able to recuperate at home if not for Brad and Rachel. We cannot thank them enough. Anyone in the area should definitely do business with these fine people. They will treat you with respect and dignity. Just try them. You won't regret it..."

"Great people!! Brad and his staff are very courteous and professional!"

"These folks are fast, friendly, and so much cheaper than anywhere else I've shopped. They have a family atmosphere, you don't have to wait forever, you will be very pleased with the prices. They also have everything from jewelry to home decor. I'm a fan!"

"I love this place!!! They are top notch people and will always do business with them!!!! Always there for the customer!!"

"Amazing people, amazing service! The staff was so helpful and knowledgeable.. we left incredibly satisfied!"

"If you go to any other pharmacy, you're simply making a mistake!"

You can help Algood Drugs by leaving a great review on Google and Facebook - thank you!